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Our first tough case

In this post we wanna talk a little about the case, that had us running around, battling other lawyers while knowing we’re right and not being able to prove it. We all have grown quite a bit both as lawyers and people while working on this case.

A small business owner, whose name we will not be revealing, reached out to us when a larger company in their market decided to sue them, because they though he was using that company’s name in their website: and it was somehow illegal. If you think that websites aren’t a big deal in 2016 you’re mistaking.

From the very beginning, we knew that the law was on our side, we … Read the rest

Mel’s Case

A couple of us stay in touch with Mel.

He’s a photographer in Richmond, Virginia and has lived there for most of his life after moving from New York at age 7.

Mel was one of our first clients back when we were just starting out. What happened was… Mel, decided to start his own photo booth company… After he’d built his first photo booth, he started offering package deals for his photography services and a photo booth, which ended up being an amazing deal, especially for weddings. He was tired of dealing with multiple companies when he had to do wedding planning.

His package deals were selling off like there’s no tomorrow, simply because … Read the rest