Athletics in my life

There’s definitely a ton of stress in my life, but it’s rarely physical… My work comes with a lot of thinking, negotiating and making decisions on the spot.

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Andre, my good friend from Richmond, Virginia who now operates Towing Richmond, a local towing company in the area.

He reminded me why It’s so important to keep active. Little did I know, but exercising actually saved his life, after his first hear attack at the age of 37.

I immediately sat down and felt like writing about my life and what part sport has in it.

This one is straight from the heart:

Athletics will always be a big part of my life. Imagine if you could do something you love, for more than one million dollars. Doesn’t that sound amazing? The idea of that is so wonderful, that, that it actually sounds too good to be true.

Every Sunday, I support my favorite football team. I turn on my television and watch my teams game. I scream their name whenever they are in need of support. Each fall and spring, I play for a soccer team at least three times per week. I take practice very seriously, because soccer is what I love. Soccer runs in my blood. My father is Panamanian. He comes from a hard working background. My mother, is from Colombia. Colombia is mostly recognized for its soccer. Whenever the Colombia team is playing, there is fierce rivalry happening. Fortunately, Colombia’s team has a set of great fans and supporters. It fills me with joy, to see the Colombian flags being waved by thousands, each time their international team is playing.

I will always love soccer. It has the ability of triggering many different reactions. For instance, the excitement I get when I score a goal is one of the best feelings that I have ever experienced. The adrenaline rush I get whenever we are losing, is mind-blowing. The constant sprint down the field, sore legs from running, are a reminder of the hard work that I put into a game or practice.

My little brothers, play soccer with me in the backyard every time we get a chance. I realized when playing with them, that my potential is while playing forward, as it helps me focus and improve on playmaking skills out in the field. I also play as goalkeeper, because I know what it’s like from a forward’s perspective to come running down the field. I love diving and getting my socks dirty. The scrapes on my legs are a constant reminder of the “saves” that I’ve made”.

I watch all types of sports. You name it, I watch it. I like sports because it takes a lot of dedication to play these games professionally. I have a lot of respect for the athletes that go out and risk their health just for the entertainment of their fans and viewers. Athletics, benefits you in many different ways. They keep you healthy and busy. It teaches you teamwork skills and reminds you constantly, that hard work is important. Athletics is overall a great way to keep your mind off things. Basically, it can be compared to a natural therapy.

Athletics has changed my life and given me something to look forward to when I get older.  All the trophies and medals that I have been awarded, are proof of my hard work.

I highly recommend you bring sports into your life because in the end, it will be worth it. Not only is it a physical and mental benefit, but it also helps you build healthy social relationships and allows you the opportunity to be both a leader and a follower. This is important, as it build on teamwork skills while also allowing you the opportunity of learning to work independently.

Athletics has taught me so much, that I don’t know where I would be at right now without it. It has taught me how to solve problems and prepare for challenges. I have learned to strategize my obstacles while incorporating the guidance of those who teach and guide me. Most importantly, it has taught me to never give up. Constant practice is a sure way to refine your skills in an effort to become better at what you do. Furthermore, athletics is helping me build a legacy for my family and will provide my children with something to make them proud. My single most important advice to those who are currently involved in any type of athletics, or to those who aspire to become athletes, is to never ever, give up.