Mel’s Case

A couple of us stay in touch with Mel.

He’s a photographer in Richmond, Virginia and has lived there for most of his life after moving from New York at age 7.

Mel was one of our first clients back when we were just starting out. What happened was… Mel, decided to start his own photo booth company… After he’d built his first photo booth, he started offering package deals for his photography services and a photo booth, which ended up being an amazing deal, especially for weddings. He was tired of dealing with multiple companies when he had to do wedding planning.

His package deals were selling off like there’s no tomorrow, simply because of his prices and the amount of features he offered for free. The fact that he’s amazing on the phone was definitely helping as well. So… As some of you might have already guessed, photo booth companies in the area started getting less business and Mel was booked a couple of months up front.

Now, we don’t know exactly what happened, but imagine that the larger, office based companies got together and conspired to “kick” the competition out of the market. By the way, this is one of the most ridiculous cases we’ve worked on and definitely the easiest one to WIN. So, those owners filed against Mel, because he was being unethical and basically creating a monopoly in the market since he offered a photo booth + photographer services as a package, which let him discount the price by about 40 percent. If you’re not sure what monopoly is, click here and read up on it. This is the exact advice we gave to the guys who filed the suit against our client and we’re glad they decided to go through with it, because it has definitely jump-started our law biz.

The whole shebang took three weeks and believe it or not, got a lot of attention from the public. As a matter of fact, Mel looked at it as a fantastic form of publicity, since any publicity is good publicity…. He actually wanted to keep it going a while longer, but we simply couldn’t BS the court any more. After all, it was a BS suit to begin with.

What ended up happening, was that those companies who filed, spent a bunch of money they didn’t have on expensive lawyers they didn’t need, lost (of course) and actually still owe Mel’s company some money after he sued them for damaging his firm’s reputation… That guy has some balls!

The reason we’re talking about Mel is because he called us up two days ago to check up and seemed to be doing very well. He’s going to be expanding his company into Northern Virginia and we are positive that he’s going to win! I personally take example of him and his actions. No matter what is thrown at him, he’s like a cat… Always lands on his feet and keeps going!

This is the motto of our small firm: Get up, dust off and keep going!

We all hope that you feel inspired and ready for great thing to come your way. Always take advantage of the opportunities that come your way, even if it seems like there’s nothing in it for you. Just agree and figure it our later.

Thank you for reading and we hope that you’re having an awesome summer! Peace!