Meet Our Team

We have a pretty diverse team here at Rippetoe Miles!

Meet Mason.  He is a graduate from Harvard University and is originally from Rhode Island.  “I fell in love with the law as a child watching superhero and villains battle it out. I wanted to bring justice to those villains who did wrong and affected the balance of good and evil. I fell in love with the thought of doing that exact thing and having a big impact on others’ lives. I kept this idea as my long term goal all throughout high school, college, and law school.  I finally found a firm where I can make that difference.”

Mara is from Topeka in Kansas. “I have been practicing law for about 8 years now. I am the mother of two beautiful baby girls, Asha and Alexia.  I first got into law when I saw my best friend’s dad working on a case.  He was at the dinner table sorting through the case file and let me and my friend Shelby sit and watch him, explaining to us the process of trials. I was hooked from that moment forward.  I worked extra hard all throughout school to be the best I could be and make my dreams come true.  Never give up and you can achieve anything!”

Mark is originally from upstate New York. “I’ve been working as a lawyer for over 10 years now and have loved every second of it. I first got into law after my wife and I got married and I decided to go back to school to make a better life for us.  My old job was not paying enough and we wanted to start a family so I decided to aim for something bigger and better.  I earned a full ride to Columbia with months and months of hard work and decided to go into law.  Best decision I ever made. I am now supporting my wife and our lovely daughter Kara.”

Darcy is from Tennessee. “Growing up, you didn’t see many big shot lawyers in my small town. I wanted to be different and become someone well-known and respected.  I decided early on that farm life was not for me.  Most of my family is in farming but, you know, there is always the odd one in the family and that was me.  I went to Vanderbilt and after graduating law school, I worked extra hard to pay off all my student loans. After years of hard work I found Rippetoe Miles and I finally feel as though I have made it.  I absolutely love law and delivering results for my clients!”

And finally meet Frank.  How can I describe Frank? Well, he is the biggest jokester you will ever meet.  He is also the one who keeps us grounded.  We get stressed and irritable sometimes when we see injustices and things don’t go our clients’ way.  He reminds us that the battle is never over and that anything worth achieving takes work, diligence, and time.  And he does all of this with a warm smile on his face.  What can I say, he’s the man!